Journey To Becoming Smoke-Free

Journey To Becoming Smoke-Free

13 Oct 2017

Nicholas Ng’s shock asthma attack triggered in 2014 led to his lifechanging decision to kick the smoking habit for good.

Dire Need To Quit

"I began the smoking habit during my adolescence and that’s when I discovered that I had asthma. Although I knew continuing the smoking habit may come back to bite me sooner or later in life, I ignored the reality of the possible consequence and carried on smoking. Until 2014, when my asthma went out of control. This horrific episode was the turning point of my life and most certainly, one that I am unable to endure when it does recur. So, I went cold turkey to get my breathing back on track again.”
"Quitting has been a challenge. Especially when I am out socialising with friends who are smokers. But as I am into adventures and am an avid traveller, I put my money aside in a jar so the money accumulated would fund my travels. So, that keeps me motivated.”

Reborn After Kicking The Smoking Habit

"Since quitting, I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my breathing and most importantly, my health. I am also fitter than ever before. Even prior to my asthma episode I love a good game of football and always keep active. I am no longer held back by my asthma and am able to play a 45-minute football game with no difficulty. This also means that I don't need to use my reliever inhaler as much as I did before."
"The main perk of quitting smoking, apart from improving my health, has been that I have saved a lot of money. I no longer reek of smoke, and feel great around my non-smoking friends and family."


Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.